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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood [Video Games] (67020)

asin: B00163ROMW
upc: 010086670202
ean: 0010086670202
model #: 67020

Sega Of America, Inc. (Brand)

Category: Video Games > Video Game

Subjects / Genres: Action / Adventure (Video Game), Action / Adventure Games, Game: Role Playing, Games & CD-Roms, Sega, Software - Games, Video & Electronic - Adventure, Video Game

Platforms: Nintendo DS

Release Date: 09/30/2008

Retail Price: $19.99


  • Epic Storyline Unfolds over Two Acts
  • Lightning-fast Combo Moves:
  • Players get a quick recap when they return to play
  • Unique character Combo moves bring exciting variety and strategy to battles.
  • Use each of the 11 playable character’s unique and customizable skills


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