Crazool - Amazon Item [b0009mfq1c] - Onkyo TARW255 Dual well Tape Deck [Television] (TARW255)
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Onkyo TARW255 Dual well Tape Deck [Television] (TARW255)

asin: B0009MFQ1C
upc: 051398006600
ean: 4045811001156
model #: TARW255

Onkyo (Brand)

Category: Television > Electronics

Color: Black

Retail Price: $199.00


  • Auto-space and Rec mute
  • CD synchro recording
  • Dolby B,C noise reduction and Dolby HxPro headroom expansion
  • Double auto-reverse cassette banks
  • Record level control

Other Special Features

  • Dolby(r) B and C Noise Reduction
  • Electronic Counter
  • Fluorescent Display
  • Repeat Play


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