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Cablenet Glow in the Dark Basketball Net [Sports]

asin: B000MKPZPS

Permanet (Brand)

Category: Sports > Misc.

Retail Price: $24.09


  • Highly flexible galvanized steel aircraft cable rated at 1000 lbs. break strength gives the Cablenet basketball net its long lifespan. A tough vinyl coating is used over the cable to protect hands.
  • The rimlock cable permanently attaches the basketball net to the rim. The material is the same type of high strength aircraft cable that is used in the nets construction.
  • The orange rimlock cable is terminated with a metal sleeve. It deters theft as it secures the net to rim attachment. Installation is simple and can be accomplished typically in under five minutes.
  • Rust free aluminum compression sleeves provide a strong component at the nets connection. They are specially tooled with rounded edges to minimize hand injuries.
  • Recommended for home use, not intended for institutional or commercial use


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